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The Coconut Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia offers day passes for those in need of some adventure!

While many hotel properties may have Day passes, it's important to remember that not all of them offer the same equal value. The Coconut Beach Resort & Spa located in St. Lucia is definitely a resort that provides its guests with more than just breathtaking room accommodations. Their Day pass offerings are among some of the most incredible you'll find anywhere in the world.

Here's why we think The Coconut Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia offers travelers one of the best day pass experiences they'll find anywhere.

St. Lucia has long been known to provide travelers with incredible sights, and offers some of the best winter resort stays you'll find anywhere in the world. But did you know that the St. Lucia also boasts one of the best Indoor Water Parks in the country?

The Coconut Beach Resort & Spa offers day passes that are great for individuals, couples, or the entire family (which means your kids will be happy too). This awesome property's day passes offer the following features and amenities. The following details were taken directly from their website:

"ADVENTURE THRILLING EXCURSIONS Please note a 10% value added tax is applicable to all excursions at the adventure desk. All rates are quoted in US dollars and are subject to change without notice. All excursions are sold at the Adventure Desk located at the lobby. RAINFOREST ZIPLINE ADVENTURE

Near the town of Dennery, take an exhilarating flight through Saint Lucia’s exotic Rainforest. Enjoy a bird’s eye view as you zip through platforms with a unique view of the rainforest and river. Bring along cameras and sunscreen.

ADULT RATE $89 (per Adult)

CHILD RATE $79 (per Child)

Ages: 6-12 Yrs.


DURATION 9:00A Tuesdays & Fridays

EXPERIENCE Adventure, Eco Tour



This celebration of colour and life is an unforgettable experience. Our gondolas safely glide through and over the treetops, where knotted, twisting vines wind to the tops of old trees. Dense thickets of splendid vegetation merge with cascades of flowers. The Aerial Tram Tour lasts for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. A brisk walk is part of the experience. Take along cameras, sunscreen, bug repellent, souvenir money etc. Sturdy shoes and long pants are recommended.

ADULT RATE $120 (per Adult)

CHILD RATE $109 (per Child)

Ages: 6-12 Yrs.


DURATION 8:00A – 2:00P

EXPERIENCE Adventure, Eco Tour



Thinking of a thrilling excursion. Our fleet of top of the line Yamaha Grizzly ATV’s awaits you. Experience a guided tour through a network of great riding trails. Enjoy riding through rivers, old plantations, farms, valleys, over and under the “Devils Bridge” and a nearby beach. Riders need to be (16) years or older. Includes: Light Refreshments and Snacks

ADULT RATE $126 (per Rider per Bike)

CHILD RATE $126 (per Rider per Bike)

Ages: 16 Yrs.


DURATION 8:30A – 12:00P 2:00P – 5:30P

EXPERIENCE Adventure, Sight Seeing



This guided tour by a representative from Atlantic Shores Riding Stables departs from Coconut Bay’s beach and gives experienced or beginner riders the opportunity to see local wildlife, amazing views of the Maria Islands and the town of Vieux Fort. Guests will have the opportunity to ride in the water and capture their memories on photo or video. Riders are encouraged to wear properly fitted boots/ shoes and appropriate clothing. Long pants are recommended. Guests choosing to participate in this tour will be required to sign a release.

ADULT RATE $50 (per Rider) $94 (per Rider)

CHILD RATE $50 (per Rider) $94 (per Rider)


DURATION 1 Hour 2 Hours

EXPERIENCE Adventure, Eco Tour, Horseback


If you'd like to learn more about what types of day passes The Coconut Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia has to offer, feel free to check them out here:

When you're looking for the right travel destination, it's important to factor in certain things prior to your trip. Finding the right property that's also located at your preferred destination is paramount. Even after you've done that however, you still need to figure out what you'd like to do once you get there. That's why Day passes are such an amazing way to help enhance the overall guest experience. Are you someone who looks for the best day pass offerings at the best hotel properties? If so, don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see what properties or day passes we're featuring next! You can also join our mailing list to make sure you're the first to know when our next blog posts are going up.


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